Quarterly Residential Pest Service

We offer residential customers the option of routine pest service for the home.  This service focuses on controling pests outside the home in order to keep the pests from entering the residence.  We don’t require our customers to sign a contract as we only want you to use our services if you are satisfied with our work.  This service covers common crawling pests like roaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, crickets among others.
Price estimate:  $120

Other Pest Services

Treatment for pests not covered by routine service include fleas, ticks, bedbugs and flying pests such as wasps, gnats or mosquitos.  

Flea Treatment Estimate:  $180 or more, depending on area treated


Commercial Pest Services

Our current Commercial Pest Service customers include multi-family housing, office buildings and food handling establishments.

We have experience in pest prevention offices, retail, restaurants and warehouses from under 1000 square feet to over 100,000 feet and everything in between.

Most of our treatments use only low or no odor insecticides.  That means treatments are safe for you to be in and around the area during and after service.  If you have any questions about our pest control service and how it will affect you and your environment please contact us.

Call for a free quote on commercial property.  Prices vary depending on size, location and type of building

Mosquito Service
Our low dosage treatments will control the mosquito population in your yard. You can expect 90-95% control for the treatment period. If you are not happy with the treatment, contact us within 25-50 days for an addition service at no cost to you. Treatment options
Ask for discounted price for current quarterly customers

Basic Service – shorter control – lasts 3-4 weeks. Estimated price $89

Call, text or email for an exact price.
Mosquito service limited to certain areas.


All of our Termite treatments are guaranteed to eliminate termites and to prevent future termites infestations for the life of the contract.

Each spring and early summer, termites will swarm out of the ground to mate and expand thier colony. Swarms inside a building ussually mean termites have invaded the structure.

Termites are a constant threat to structures all over Mississippi. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is responsible for most of the termite damage in our area. These termites live in colonies that can number in the hundreds of thousands. When it is time to have your home treated it is important to choose a professional you can trust to do the job correctly to protect your investment.

Termites live underground in large colonies that can be very hard to detect. When we treat a home for termites, we are treating the soil around the foundation to keep these destructive pests out of your home.

Prices for termite treatments can vary depending on the way the home is built. If you beleive you have termites or are just have a question call or email us today.


Termite Treatment

Kirk Termite is a certified Termidor Proffesional and we choose to only use Termidor in treating for termites. Termidor kills termites when they eat treated wood or when they pass through soil that has been treated. It is a non repellent meaning the termites can not detect its presence. It is also transferred from termite to termite destroying the entire colony. It is the most effective product currently on the market and the only one you should use to treat your home.

Termites live in the ground, coming up to the surface to feed. Because of this, they can be very hard to detect and can be in multiple places around a home without being noticed. Since they are so hard to detect, the state of Mississippi requires termite companies treat the entire perimeter of a home, not just the area where termites are present. While this makes treatments more expensive, it also provides better protection for the homeowner.

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Contact us to schedule service or to ask a question.

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